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* The Accommodation Southern Africa service covers the whole of South Africa, but we specialise in Western Cape accommodation. *
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The sun-splashed plains and thorny thickets of Southern Africa are the home and final refuge of the world's most diverse and richest communities of wildlife, from rambling tusker to pygmy shrew, from fleet-footed antelope to loping giraffe, from orange-breasted sunbird to black-collared barbet, lives an astonishing family of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds - guided miraculously through the tumultous passage of time by their overwhelming instinct for survival. Here, in the wild corners of Southern Africa, where the primeval secrets of evolution have unfolded over the millenia, is the ultimate proof of the wonders of creation.

The AccommodationSouthernAfrica.com web-site has been designed to help you plan your travel to, your travel around and, most notably, your stay in Southern Africa.

Our website provides you with information on specific hospitality venues, their tariffs, facilities and services, and introduces you to the various regions within the subcontinent, their climates, their road and air links, their towns, game and nature reserves and their many other attractions. The major centres are covered in some detail, so that a first-time visitor can survey the options - what to see, what to do, where to go - at a glance.

The web site also offers a wealth of information, under various icons, on the practical aspects of a visit to Southern Africa - in the first instance South Africa (coverage will extend to the wider region, embracing Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, in the near future). These include travel to and travel within the region, tourist information services, history and culture, lifestyles, food and drink.

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